Cinco de Rhino!

They’re some of the most unmistakable animals roaming the earth…they’re also some of the most endangered…

There are five species of rhino that remain: White, Black, Greater One-Horned, Javan and Sumatran. So today, on the 5th of May (5/5), let’s bring awareness to these fabulous five! #CincodeRhino #KeepTheFiveAlive

To learn more about rhinos, the threats they face and what’s being done to protect and conserve them, visit the International Rhino Foundation (

In honor of these magnificent creatures, I have added some new designs to my Redbubble shop featuring all five rhino species–including a special design that’ll help support rhino conservation! A portion of the profits I earn from products featuring the “Let’s Put an END to Extinction!” Rhino designs I’ll donate to the International Rhino Foundation to support their mission to ensure the survival of rhinos.

View the designs here.

If you’d like to help make a bigger impact for rhino conservation and the International Rhino Foundation, consider donating directly to IRF.

Let’s put an END to extinction!

Madagascar Socks For Sale

Last year I was fortunate to be chosen, from over 11,000 entries (and 90 different countries) as a finalist in the Sock It To Me original sock design contest.

Thanks to a tremendous show of support in the public voting my Animals Of Madagascar design was selected as the Grand Prize winner.

I am now very happy to announce that the final product, with some subtle design tweaks and officially titled “Madagascar Menagerie” is now available to purchase online:

Madagascar Menagerie Socks

You can see a timelapse video of my original design.

Thank you so much for your continued support of all of my artwork.

Winning Design

I am very excited to announce that my original custom design “Animals Of Madagascar” was the First Prize Winner in the Sock It To Me Design A Sock Contest 2018!

After more than 11,000 entries from 90 countries, my submission was chosen as one of 30 designs to be featured at for one week of open public voting. Following the voting period, the top ten finalists were critiqued by the Sock It To Me judges according to the contest criteria and I was fortunate to be selected as the First Place Winner!

As a result, my design will be produced as an actual pair of socks and made available for purchase through the Sock It To Me web store and many of their retailers. (…read more)