International Red Panda Day 2015

Saturday, September 19th is International Red Panda Day. Creating awareness and celebrating these remarkable animals. Learn more about the Red Panda – the original panda – at the Red Panda Network. To celebrate International Red Panda Day on the blog, here is Breah’s latest artwork. see image

Lost Legacy – The Passenger Pigeon

Once considered the most numerous bird on Earth with an approximate total of 3 to 5 billion in North America when Europeans arrived. Hunted as a cheap food supply source, the last known wild pigeon was killed in Ohio in 1900.

The last known passenger pigeon, named Martha, died September 1, 1914 in the Cincinnati Zoological Garden where a national landmark memorial stands today. The loss of the passenger pigeon was the first documented extinction of a species at the hand of man.

Here is a painting by Breah of the extinct passenger pigeon: see image

Pangolin – the scaly anteater

This nocturnal solitary mammal spends it’s time eating ants and termites. Sometimes called a “scaly anteater” because of the tough, overlapping scales that cover it’s body. It’s sticky and very long tongue and great sense of smell allow it to find it’s prey, sometimes burrowing underground. See Image

Veiled Chameleon – the Hidden Predator

This tree lizard can remain still and concealed while waiting on their prey – insects. Eyes that can rotate independently allows them to see in two directions at once and flattened bodies that are leaf-shaped make this predator very skilled at hunting and disguise. Their most famous feature See image